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Health and Wellness and a strong sense of investing in the community has always been in the forefront for Generali . Investment in youth is a key aspect of the programs Generali has spearheaded.

The school garden pilot project first started with John Gray High School in 2009. With the hard work of Mr. Ralph Manoosingh and his dedicated students in the Agriscience Club, the school garden on premise has been flourishing.

This single school garden was the inspiration to develop a program that other schools can adopt and see the fruits of their labor – literally!

Generali is really excited to see Project Grow properly launched with partners HSBC Cayman and Vigoro Nursery. Health and wellness for the community has always been a focus for Generali and we are really pleased to develop such a unique and important initiative.

Visit our Website at www.generali-worldwide.com.

Vigoro Nursery plays a key role in Project Grow offering expertise in the set up, planning and execution of each school garden as each school will have different needs and requirements. Each school will have a Plant Day where Vigoro will be on hand to assist with getting the gardens ready for the year.

Vigoro has come on board by providing key elements such as seeds and seedlings, manual labor, tools and follow up with each school.

Tom Balon of Vigoro Nursery says, “It is very exciting to see projects of this nature materialize. There can be so many benefits from them. Awareness of health and lifestyle is always important, and gardening, especially edibles can be very rewarding in all aspects of well-being. We are very excited at Vigoro Nursery and look forward to being a part of this exciting project.”

Visit our Website at www.vigoronursery.ky.

FSH Design

FSH Design is pleased to be a part of something as significant as Project Grow.  It’s the little seedlings in a child’s life that can change, shape and transform their future into healthy habits for living better lives.  Let us all help to plant the seeds for a better tomorrow.

FSH Design provides website development, design and support for Project Grow. Let your imagination grow.  www.fshdesign.com.