Our Mission

Project Grow is a school garden project helping students and teachers learn the principles of gardening through the development of sustainable school gardens.

This program will provide an out of the box approach to nutritional learning while promoting sustainable agriculture as a vehicle to teach children about healthy food and where it comes from.

Our mission is to be able to give all schools in the Cayman Islands support for edible gardens. The importance of preserving the health of the youth of the Cayman Islands is critical and this project aims to help shift a mindset to a healthier overall lifestyle.

We believe by promoting agriculture, hands on experience and empowerment by knowledge, Project Grow will plant the seeds to better health.

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Project Grow – Planting the Seeds to Better Health

Over the last few decades food has become more and more industrialized, packaged and processed. Much of this processed food is unhealthy and causing problems to our overall well-being and the well-being of the planet. As a society we have lost our connection with food and its origin.

Project Grow aims to repair this connection using food through sustainable agriculture as a vehicle to educate children about healthy foods and nutrition. This can be achieved with the dedication of teachers and students through the development and ongoing maintenance of sustainable schoolyard gardens.

The school garden pilot project first started with John Gray High School in 2009. Today, thanks to developing partners Generali, HSBC Bank (Cayman) Limited and Vigoro Nursery, all schools in the Cayman Islands will be given the opportunity to participate over the next few years.

Project Grow will help children learn the principles of gardening. The hands-on experience helps familiarize children with the many relationships and cycles within nature providing a link to healthy eating and nutritional choices. The gardening experience itself brings other health benefits like exercise, time spent outdoors in the fresh air and a sense of well being. It also offers new and exciting ways to address nutrition.